Being logged out

I’m having an issue with constantly being logged out of the app. When I open the app I get the “New to smartthings” button and the “smartthings user” button. And since I have a Samsung account I have to click the “New to smartthings button” which is the most counter intuitive thing I can imagine. I actually had to call support to figure that one out. How do I know I’m logged out? Inevitably I’ll come home and set the alarm off because it didn’t detect my iphone as present. My other 3 family members have smartthings accounts instead of Samsung. They get logged out occasionally as well but not nearly as often as I do. Anyone else having this issue? It’s particularly annoying. Sometimes when I click the “new to smartthings button” it will actually take me to the setup screen asking for the code from my hub. I manage to fix this by force killing the app and restarting it.


Repport here : iOS 2.4.0 Logout Reports

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