iOS and Family hub fridge always logging out

I’m a home builder. Recently, I upgraded a home using Smartthings as the central controller. The presence sensors that allow you to unlock a door, turn on a light or notify you if someone arrives or leaves seemed great, but it fails to work half the time because the app randomly logs off. I then have to open it up and click “login” for it to work again, but it logs off again randomly (sometimes after an hour, sometimes after a couple of days). This makes it useless as a presence sensor, since you have to constantly check to make sure it’s logged in, and you won’t get your kids to consistently do that. The fridge does the same thing. The widget shows nothing, and I have to log in to the app for things to display in the widget again. Frankly, showing off the smart features of a home with this many bugs is embarrassing.

Is there any way of keeping the app running and logged on? This seems to be a recurring issue that’s been going on for years and they haven’t solved it, yet other devices (like my Ring doorbell) work every time. I’m just wondering if I should switch to something that works more reliably and consistently.

The log off problem is somewhat new. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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Glad to hear it. I was planning on using it as a security system, but the thought of getting robbed because the app logged itself off and didn’t notify me of motion or door opening events is pretty discouraging, atm.