SmartThings (new) app - Samsung Connect


My account finally converted to Samsung account and now I can see my devices in new SMartthigs app.
However, none of the Philips Hue lights are responding. App says it can not connect to the light.
What may be the problem and how can I solve it ?

Also, I tried the Gear app on my Samsung Gear S3. I see all devices but nothing can be done.
Why ?

Why use the new App? Classic works much better … for now.

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Email support and continue to use the classic app

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Anecdotal at this point but we have heard some rumblings of hue device control following their recent update.

Do the devices work in the ST Classic app?

yes, they work fine with classic app.

I agree. My reason is to be able to control through my Gear S3 watch.
But in any case, I like to try new…

so , nobody really has any idea ?
noone is interested in this new app and the benefits of it ? (like using Gear watch to control ST)

What did support say?

I use the new app, but don’t have Hue or a Gear S3, so not much help.

I didn’t ask support. I have other issues which I follow with support and I don’T want to lose focus on them :slight_smile:

Are you using custom device handlers for hue? Custom devices aren’t available in the new app which is one reason we recommend most users stick to the Classic app for now.

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hmmm. that’s it. I use custom device handlers.

ok. what about my other problem ? I see all devices on my Gear S3 watch but they don’t do anything.
(most of them custom devices though)

custom device handlers of any kind do not work*.

*except my Xiaomi contact sensor somehow works

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ok. that’s sad.

I have a 2018 Q7 TV, so I don’t have a choice, I need the new app to setup the TV. Unless there is a way to setup new Samsung smart TVs with the classic app?

There is a Gear S3 app called Smarter Things that can control Smart Things from your S3. It isn’t fully functional as it is still being developed, but controlling things does work.


thanks. I know that. But it is really very limited.

Although I have years of working with Insteon, I am a newbee to SmartThings, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I started out with the new SmartThings ‘Connect’ app, and had fits trying to add Z Wave stuff, everything was a chore. Then I happened across the older ‘classic’ app, and what a difference in how much smoother everything went.

As for ‘connect’ how do you add/control users? Where is “Rooms”? When you have 20 - 30 items around a house ‘rooms’ is a must to keep your sanity. And I see nothing in the way of any kind of customization for individual look and functionality.

The pointy head people should at least match the capabilities of and old software before then release a ‘new and improved’ replacement.

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On the devices tab, pick the specific location, tap the 3 dots in the upper right and choose invite member

On the devices tab, with All devices chosen, the rooms are broken out into groups as you scroll. When you chose a specific location, you can swipe left/right through them at the top right above the Mode drop down.

yeah, so far it seems they are being more strict on UI with the new app. IIRC, there is a whole section on the dev site with UI guidelines. Will be curious to see how this plays out once they get the hub connected device section of the new dev platform finished.

oh great…look like we’re getting ready to get screwed over! Classic will more than likely go away also just like every other developer does when they change things for the WORSE. If it isn’t broke , don’t fix it please.

Is this “Bait & Switch” or "Took Your Money (investment) & Switch)?

This is you overreacting. They are working to bring features from the Classic app to the new app.