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(John C) #21

No doubt there are issues! But probably there are a number of reasons it was released early—support for televisions has been mentioned. This is an app for products from different divisions of Samsung, I believe, and speculate coordination may have been problematic.

Luckily, you found the “classic” app. SmartThings has recommended we stick with that until issues are worked out. Not the smoothest rollout, admittedly…



I seem to have been migrated to the new app as well at some point. All of my devices are missing from the old app and show up in the new one. but half are broken, either stuck in “checking status…” or reporting as disconnected, though the webcore automations that use them still seem to work.

Can I migrate back to the old app that at least worked? Also what happened to smartthings chat support?

This is looking more and more like the end of viable ST to me. Time to migrate to hubitat, which I’ve been putting off for months.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #23


Just login to SmartThings (Classic) App using your new Samsung Login and Password. If your Things don’t show up, be sure to check to see if there might be another “Location” under the right side drop down menu.

You can also check for multiple Locations (a common side effect of the migration) under My Locations of

You can delete the unused Location, but you must be very careful because if you delete the wrong one, it cannot be restored. It would be best to carefully discuss this with Support.

Chat Support is deprecated in favor of telephone support. There’s no reason to hold the line … they have a call back system.

(Michael Stroh) #24

I got the prompt to log in with my Samsung login instead of my ST login. A new location popped up that had only my phone and TV in it. When I attempt to delete the new location it fails. I called support and stumped them. They have been trying to figure it out for 6 days now.

At least the old one still works. I have been playing with the new app as well but it is still limited in functionality. Good news for Action Tiles, that is still fully functional and much easier to use!

(Michael Stroh) #25

After posting this I called support back to see if any progress had been made. He couldn’t find a record of my 90 minute call last week. He did however have a solution. In the location settings there is a field for default location with true or false options. I changed my functional hub to true and the empty location to false. Once that was updated the location deleted normally.

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( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #26

This is correct and a very common and successful solution - most of the time.