SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor turn on room lights?


So i’m new to SmartThings and would like to setup my room with strip lights and light bulbs and using google home also.

I would like to ask if it would be possible to use the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on the door so when i open the door all the lights come on in the room? And than if i want to turn them off the door either closes or i can hit a switch to turn them on or off? and also be able to use google home with the lights?

It can be done. You can use Smart Lights in the marketplace on the ST app. Set it up so when motion is detected your lights will turn on. Google home might be able to control the on/off also. I use Alexa instead, but it’s similar. Alexa can control lights and other things directly.

Turning lights off is another issue.
1)If you turn off a normal switch, the light won’t be able to be controlled with ST or Google home. For that you would need a smart switch.
2)If Google home will control the brand of lights you have, you could simply tell it to turn the light off.
3)easier way–Using Smart Lights, when you set it up add to have it turn off lights when the motion stops.

Okay so i can have the sensor on the door and that will turn on all my lights and if door is shut it will turn them off and i can use a smart switch to also turn all the lights on and off even if door is shut.

And than can i use google home or alexa to control parts of the lights like behind the desk and one of the lamps?

Or instead of the Smart switch can i just use my phone since there all connected to it?

what i would do is set up a rule in smart lights to do the following:

when- door is opened turn on/off lights
when door closed turn of / on lights
then associate those lights within the app to the switch that you want to use and then you can have “that switch” also automate your light.
and there is always the phone option too. go into smartthings and turn on / off that specific light.

@tomstud12 Yes you can set it up to do it in all those ways.

Your phone will always be the main control of all your things. Google and Alexa are constantly getting better with more integrations. For most normal things I don’t need my phone, I just tell Alexa what to do.

With motion i think the best thing to do is a timer as well. You cant always assume that when the door is open you want the lights on. For any number of reasons i can see adding a timer.
So basically If the the door opens turn on light, if the door closes, turn off light, but then add
If motion changes than turn on lights. Then set a timer that basically says if no motion wait 5 minutes (or 15 or 30 whatever) then turn off.
A friend and I use this for our outdoor triggered camera lights and it works really nice.

I have a light in my kitchen, and it turns on at night when there is motion in the kitchen. That way, if I get up in the middle of the night to get a drink or something, I am not stumbling around in the dark. once motion stops, the light turns off 2 minutes later. The same light is also controlled by voice using Alexa, and with two switches on opposite sides of the kitchen. Also, the lights come on at 6 am on weekdays if we are home so I can cook breakfast, and they come on for an hour at night if we are not home, to give the illusion that the house is occupied.

You can do a lot with ST


So i just want to ask are all them connected to alexa or do i need a hub to connected them to and than use alexa connected to the hub? Also do they all have to be the same brand or can they be differen’t once?

Alexa can directly control certain brands on its own. Other brands will need a hub and an app to make Alexa work better like echosistant or askAlexa.

Okay cause i have the magic home wifi controller for the led lights and than want to get like 2 lamps also. But i seen some Door sensors and they work with Z-wave so if they work with Z-wave i can connect to ST hub right or?

ST hub has both zigbee and zwave. Not all brands will integrate though. Some will need a community developed app. Others might not be usable with ST at all.

The best person to answer you inquires and direct you to the right places is @JDRoberts.

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