How do Philips Hue lights switch off when used with Multi-Purpose Sensor?


I am looking into using Philips Hue with Samsung Smart Things in the sense that when I open the front door which will have a Multi-Purpose sensor above it, the hall light will come on if it is dark however what I can’t seem to find out is how will the hall light switch off? Will I have to manually switch it off or will it only stay on for a short while?

I’m also looking to do the same with my study where I open the door and the lamp will turn on if it is dark however I would like the light to be on until I switch it off so both scenario’s require the light to do opposite things but I’m just not sure how they work natively.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


You can use smart lights or automations. When Door sensor opens, control the light, choose turn on and select the option to turn off after a set time.

Here is an automation as an example…

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Brilliant! Thanks for that, exactly what I’m after :smiley: