Turn off motion sensors with Google Home

In short, I have my bedroom linked with some motion sensors to my lights. Right now i have if it’s after a given time then the lights will be dim and what not. And sometimes the lights turn off if the motion detector doesn’t see me for whatever reason.

For the times I need the lights to simply stay on and be normal. Is there a way I can tell Google Home to ignore the motion detector/s? Some way I can say turn off motion or turn on motion

You didn’t say what you’re controlling the lights with, but you could possibly use Google Home to turn a virtual switch on or off depending if you wanted your motion on or off, then use that as a condition for your lighting.


I’ve tried setting something up in the smartthings app to turn off the motion detector. I can’t find anything.

The motion detectors are hue motion detectors connected to smartthings

I’m guessing that by “smartthings app” you mean Smart Lighting.

There is a setting in Smart Lighting under “More Options” to only work when a switch is on. You should create a virtual switch (search this forum if you don’t know what that is) and turn the virtual switch off or on depending on whether or not you want the motion sensors to control the lighting.

Thanks, that actually seem to work.

I’m still getting the hang of SmartThings. I think my biggest problem with it is it isn’t as plug and play as Hue. But on the other hand you can do a lot more.
Again, thanks

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If you want better control of automatons like this, You might want to checkout the rooms manager smartapp by @bangali

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