Control light using two sensors?

I would like to control a pair of Philips Hue lights (grouped together as one room) using both a SmartThings multisensor and a SmartThings motion sensor. Lights come on when door is opened, then lights turn off after a set period of time UNLESS there is motion in the room, in which case the lights remain on until motion ends.

Using the Smart Lighting app, I can easily set up both the first scenario (lights come on when the door opens, turn off after a set period of time once the door closes) and a version of the second scenario (lights come on with motion, turn off after a set period of time after motion ends), but I have not figured out a way to pair the two different situations into a single routine, where the the lights come on with door open, remain on if there is motion, then turn off once motion ends (or the door closes).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Joey the native apps are all the same… only do one of the things you want! :smile:

There are a couple of things you can use.

  1. An IOS (paid for but cheap) app called ‘SmartRules’ - This will give you MUCH better control over your system.
  2. WebCore - This is more complicated - Free and you can do just about anything with it (search the forums for it)
  3. Write a smartapp yourself :relieved:

Thanks for the suggestion. SmartRules looks like the way to go. I downloaded it and played around with the options and made my first rule for free. At $9.99 for unlimited rules, this looks like the easiest and most elegant system for a newbie like me.

Glad I could help

Stringify is also a good rules processor. If you are feeling adventurous, you could also try webCoRE. Both are pretty to learn and are amazing in terms of capabilities.

Have a look at zone motion manager, one of the zone types is triggered, does just what you want…