SmartThings Multi Sensor not working

Hello all.

I got a SmartThings starter kit in the Black Friday sale, so about a month ago now.

However, my Multi Sensor seems to have already stopped working!

I hadn’t even had the time to actually fit it yet; just tested and paired it, so it had been sat on my desk. I’ve been using the temperature sensors for now though to know how warm my room was at least. However, about 8 or 9 days ago it stopped talking to the SmartThings app. I was busy at the time so thought nothing of it.

I sat down today to have a look and I can’t get it working at all. It hadn’t communicated with the app in over a week so had no data available, but the last check showed it at 77% battery (I hear the readings are unreliable though and the battery should last over a year).

I removed it from the app, and now it can’t find it on search. I tried doing a reset, but the LED on the device doesn’t light up at all.

I don’t have another battery to test with, but considering I’ve only had it a month I doubt that’s the problem. Does anyone know what might cause an issue like this?

I had one fail about a year ago. I called Samsung Support and they sent me a new one. Have you tried removing the battery, holding down the button, insert the battery and release the button as soon as the battery is in?

The battery is dead even though it is saying 100%. The battery reporting hasn’t worked for about 6 months or longer. Change the battery and it will work again.

Those batteries do not die in a month.

Or maybe they sent it with a half dead one like they did mine!

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I’ve had some die in a month

I was skeptical but seems Joe was right. Even though I’d only had it a month, a new battery fixed the problem. Hopefully the replacement battery will last longer, I don’t want to replace them every month…

Most likely dead battery due to firmware update with new sensor especially if it’s not near the hub.
Check the log. If the update failed then you should leave it close to the hub for a day or so otherwise it will kill the battery.

Isn’t battery life related somewhat to how many events it records? A battery powered motion sensor in a very husy hallway in a store of some kind won’t last as long as a battery in a MS in an unused attic. I have 3 of these and they last a year each so far. My patio door contact sensor battery doesn’t last as long as a rarely used side door sensor battery.

I’ve got a monoprice or ecolink multi sensor on my patio - motion, temp, etc. I don’t even know what kind of battery it needs, and it’s been out there for a year reporting about 40-50 times a day.

Maybe it’s one of those runty AA size batteries that last a while?

Meanwhile, the smartthings sensors both needed their batteries replaced in a few months.

Lesson: smartthings makes fairly good hubs, but isn’t very good with sensors.