Death of Samsung multi sensors

I have had 3 multi sensors whack out over the last month or so. Basically they start throwing random open/close activity along with near constant active/inactive status. Eventually they get to a point where they no longer read actual open/close and show no recent activity under that tab, but show as active on the main device tab. Temp appears to still be working. Batteries all are 65% or more. I have removed/reinstalled a battery with no change, and when I noticed they were locked up, I removed one and tried to add it back, but the hub doesn’t see it. They are only 4 to 6 months old. Ideas?

Just curious…did you actually replace any batteries with new ones? I’ve had a few problems with apparent failure of a device only to find out battery level sensing wacks out a bit when the battery gets lower.

Thanks for the reply. I thought about that, but they were showing high and
other devices I bought around the same time are at 80%. I don’t have any of
that kind of battery laying around unfortunately, but it is worth a try.