Two sensors stopped reporting

I have two sensors, one a SmartThings motion sensor and the other is an Aeon Multisensor that have stopped reporting.

They had been working fine but suddenly nothing is in the activity logs. The motion sensor last reported 100% battery and the multi sensor was reporting 71%.

What’s the best way to revive them assuming the battery reports weren’t wrong and it’s really just dead batteries?

@Linda It will be stupid of me to ask if you did a battery pull?

Not yet. I will do that tonight. Both devices are fairly young. The aeon is only a month or so old and the motion sensor is from late summer so I’d expect both batteries to be ok. Is it typical for the last battery report to be 100% and then have the battery die?

My question is assuming the battery reports were right and a new set of batteries doesn’t reestablish reporting then what do I do?

I recently had a water sensor reporting 88% then nothing. No alert came through. replaced the battery when I noticed the null value and it’s fine now.

For me as long as the aeon was indoors, the battery life was bad but once I moved it outdoors, the battery started going down like crazy. I moved it indoors, removed the battery and made it powered.

2 ST motions (2nd gen) are holding on pretty good at 100% for the last few months and haven’t died or stopped responding as of now. 1st gens are all powered for me.

I hadn’t yet got around to picking extra batteries for the motion sensor but curiously it began working this weekend. I hadn’t changed a thing. Gotta love that SmartThings reliability. I’m glad it is working again but why it went AWOL for a couple of weeks with nothing informative in the logs is puzzling at best.