SmartThings Motion Sensor not sensing motion

Hi, I recently got a ST starter kit and the motion sensor comes with the kit is not sensing motion - all it does is report temperature. Even when I’m walking back and forth a few frets in front of the sensor or waving the sensor in the air back and forth, it still said no motion. Tried resetting battery, remove / relink, didn’t solve the problem. Does this mean the sensor is faulty? Thanks!

I could be a bad sensor. Since you’ve tried the factory resetting and that didn’t work, I’d email and let them know.

What does the device event log show when adding the device back to ST?

Forgive the newb question - how do I see the logs for the hub or device?

No worries!

I highly recommend getting use to the IDE (developer tools). You will have access to a lot more info about your ST environment, like logs for your hub and devices.

Go here:

Another way is to go to

Since you’ve not done this before, select Login and use the same account info you use with your hub. It’s been a while for me, but I believe that’s all you need to do. Once you log in, you’ll see this:

Now you can see activity in Live Logging, hub events via My Hubs, device events via My Devices and a few other places. I recommend exploring and learning more about the IDE. It’s a very useful site for you to help manage your ST environment.

If you need any help, there is documentation available in various places, including here:

I’m having the same problem with a newish samsung motion sensor. Please let me know if your find a fix or if you ended up just returning it. Whats strange… as soon as it pairs and asks for setup it shows “motion” on the setup screen. As soon as its setup and in the normal list it shows no motion.


Thanks @johnconstantelo for the pointer to see the logs! I ended up buying a new motion sensor and it worked right away. The old motion sensor is probably faulty, I guess I may have to exchange the whole set and get a new one.

@lamxing, @Paul_Preston,

I’d definitely email so they know.

FYI, @slagle

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