Fibaro motion sensor no longer working

Hey guys. Walked into the living room and the lights didn’t cut on. Tried it several times. The motion sensor lights up but the lights don’t turn on. What do I need to do to fix it?

Start with the logs to see if the motion sensor is failing to send its notification, or if the notification is being ignored by the hub.

Thanks man. So my wife just came home and it activated and the lights came on. Either way, all events are showing in the log for the motion device.

Poltergeists! :ghost:

( Forum joke: we use the term “poltergeist” to describe mysterious happenings in the network, either things turning off when they shouldn’t or turning on when they shouldn’t. )

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That’s fine. How do I make it start working properly?

Mine has been doing the same the last few days. It will occassionally pick up motion. Or it will get stuck on ‘Motion’ for hours on end, despite no motion in the area. I have had to set up an additional rule to turn the lights off it controls after 10 mins, because they were being left on for hours due to the sensor displaying ‘Motion’ in SM. strange…

Yeah not sure. Just started working on its own again on Saturday.