Australia: Aeotec to release ST clones, including hub, in 2021

It’s official: Aeotec will release their versions of the former smartthings branded products, including a hub, in Australia sometime in 2021.

5 smart things we all missed at CES 2021.

Along with our SmartThings-compatible hub, Aeotec is using 2021 to release our first range of Zigbee products. Previously available under the Samsung brand, these Work with SmartThings devices are compatible with the newly introduced Smart Home Hub and will be available to Aeotec customers across Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The hub should be on the Australian zwave frequency just like the previous smartthings hub was, and the other devices are Zigbee.

Aeotec already sells some Z wave devices in Australia, so I’d expect them to use the same distribution channels, although no one knows for sure.

Also, their support should be somewhat better than smartthings has been in Australia for the last year. (Here’s hoping, anyway.)

There have been several threads in the last six months or so asking about what would happen in Australia, so this is good news. :sunglasses:

If you want to get on the Aeotec mailing list for future announcements from them, they allow you to specify your country:

@Geoffs pointed out in another thread that one Australian retailer already has the devices available for pre-order:

The newly branded Aeotec SmartThings Hub and sensors were originally due to land in Australia mid January 2021 - However, like a lot of plans throughout 2020 - the rebranding and manufacturing process has not been as smooth as we would have liked. There have been some supply chain issues for key components that has caused a significant delay in manufacturing. It has now been confirmed that SmartThings stock will land late February / early March 2021. We have confirmation from the factories that manufacturing has begun and there will be no further delays.

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