Buying more things - Australia


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I backed SmartThings on KS and have just recently received my kit. I would now like to buy more things, but since I am in Australia I can’t find where to do it???

If you use Google to search “z-wave” you’ll find several retailers selling z-wave products in Australia (and thus on the Aus/NZ z-wave frequency to match your hub).

If you pick products already on the SmartThings supported device list then you should be fairly safe.

Thanks for that mate. Will have a look. Was hoping to get the official SmartThings sensors though … is this possible?

Amazon will ship some of ST’s sensors internationally. You may want to check the compatibility list to see whether they are z-wave or zigbee.

My understanding is that zigbee use the same 2.4ghz frequency worldwide, but z-wave uses a U.S. specific frequency which would not work in Australia.

I’ll ship whatever you want to you, as long as there is no risk/cost to me.
Hit me up.