Smartthings makes device location seen by anyone?

I am asking if whether the Smartthings app on a mobile unrooted unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone will make the device’s Location broadcasted or discoverable or seen or as not private to anyone that are also not in ‘Members’ listed only within the Smartthings app because in the section of Smartthings -“Get your location from this phone”- it says “use this phone to determin your location for automations and to show other members whether you’re at home” so I’m thinking that is referring ‘members’ as any member of Smartthings who I don’t know. It does not capitalize ‘members’ or refer it specifically as my added Smartthings Members but rather members which have smartthings. It is capitalized in the Samsung Smartthings help section. Please let me know if this makes my device location seen by just anyone who has Smartthings if I enable it.

The word ‘members’ is also not capitalized on the Members page and in the menu on the Members page so I would not attach any significance to that.

Enabling your location just means that your geolocation information (currently only in the form of present / not present) is available to any one with access to your SmartThings Location, meaning you and other Members who have been granted access to it.