"Get your location from this phone"

I’ve been trying to create a routine that will trigger based on member locations. However, I’m finding that I can’t enable the “Get your location from this phone” toggle on any of our phones.

The screenshot is from a Pixel 3 running Android 12, but the other phone I’ve tried is a Samsung Galaxy S21 running Android 13. both phones are running the current version of the SmartThings App.

I have never tried to set this up until yesterday and have been encountering this error the whole time.

We do not have a SmartThings hub but it’s my understanding that this isn’t needed for this to work.

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I presume you’ve set your geolocation for the location? Does the ST app have permissions for location on your phone at all times?

Have you tried when on Wi-Fi and cell data?

Sorry, I should have included those pieces of information. I have set the geolocation for the “My Home” location (so I know it can obtain the data) and yes I’ve gone into the settings and ensured that it is set to always allow.

The error occurs when the phone is on wifi or on cell data.

I’m suddenly unable to turn on the “Get your location from this phone” toggle.
I’m using an iPhone. Worked fine until today. I deleted the Smartthings App and re-installed it. Still no luck! (Other iphone presence sensors are still working correctly.

HELP!! (Thanks)

The new Smartthings web-dashboard says “Geolocation is temporarily unavailable.” when I click on Manage Locations.

You can set geolocation in the ST app. Geolocation has been unavailable in my.SmartThings.com for some time now.

Nope! It won’t allow me to tun on the toggle! It turns on for a second then switches back to off!

Geolocation and get location are two separate items.

In the ST app, tap on the Home icon in upper left and click on your location. From there you can enter your address for geolocation.

Question on get location for this device. Do you have it ever had more than one location set for your account?

Yes. But I’m still not able to add my iPhone back as a presence sensor!
Yes - Geolocation is set up correctly - it works fine with another iPhone presence sensor. Somehow it won’t allow me to use mine as a presence sensor.
I’ve deleted and re-installed the app. But going to the cog, going to “Get your location from this phone”, the toggle turns on (blue) for a second, then turns back off!

Ok… my first response was only in regards to your post on not being able to set geolocation in the beta dashboard.

I’m running behind your replys… Yes. I have two locations set. It appears to still be working at the other location!

I saw another user with iPhone report they are seeing the same issue when trying to use a second location. I don’t know how to resolve. I recommend open a ticket with ST support and give them all those details.

If you could post a link to the other report, it might be helpful…

I just tested this and I have the same problem trying to enable a second location for presence. Giving the same error as the OP.

Rut roh! I probably should have mentioned after he deleted the second location, he was still unable to get it to work.

Not a big deal for me since is use Alexa for presence as ST app presence is notoriously unreliable.

Wow! Sounds like I’m screwed…
(I’ve had two working locations for years…)
This is something new!
If removing the second location retains the problem I don’t know how to proceed. Damn!

Contact ST Support I’d say.

So this just isn’t a “me” problem?