Inviting a new member to the SmartThings app?

I am trying to get my wife on my SmartThings member list. I was able to get her ios phone to accept membership but the SmartThings app does not show her as a member on my phone. She has all of the routines and devices I set up shown on her phone. But again I can’t get my phone to show her as a member. I am the primary SmartThings app member.

What does your phone’s app show and what does hers show? Are both of you iOS? If you go to your app and tap the “home” icon and then go to manage locations, does it have both of you in the members section?

and just need clarification if you are referring to member list noted in the post above vs member location in Routines. If user is not showing under member location in Routines, then you would need to enable “get location for this iPhone” in her app under Menu > settings

My phone is an android, her an apple. My phone when I go to the home icon and manage locations shows both of us. However when I try to create a routine with a member location she is not listed. It has me and below it says “Only members who have shared their locations are show above”. I’m the only one shown above.

I’m referring to member location in Routines. In her phone, an ios, I go to settings > Apps > SmartThings > Location > Always. Still she does not show up in Routines.

on her phone, open the ST app, go to Menu > settings (the cog) and enable “get your location from this iphone”

Sorry to sound like a putz, but I don’t see a menu option on her ST app.

lower right corner of the screen in the app

Yup, see it. I selected as you said, however there are 2 options, My home and Home. Only one can be selected even though they are both the same. I’ll check if she is on Routines and let you know.

Ok, just changed it to Home and it works, Thanks so much.

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glad you got it :slight_smile:

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