How do I use other SmartThings Members for presence detection?

Using the “new” app, I sent an invite to my wife so she could use it on her phone. She set up an account, accepted the invite, and everything seemed to be working great.

However, when I try create a new Automation for when both of us arrive home, I’m the only one who is listed under “Which Members?”

When I back out to the main menu of the app, she is in the Members section. But she doesn’t show up when I try to create Automations.

I found this thread that seemed like it might help, it seems like it was never resolved.

Is it not possible to use Members for presence detection? It seems to work perfectly for the Owner (me)…

Is she using the new app as well? And did she enable Use Phone Location in settings of the app?

Yes she is using the new app. I set it up for her on her phone so I’m pretty sure I would have allowed location tracking, but I will be double checking when I see her after work.