SmartThings Labs

Labs is open!! Go here for details!

Great! Now I want a Sonos system in addition to all the devices I already plan to buy. My wallet is gonna get smaller! Haha!

They updated my bridge today! Hue integration is working pretty well so far!

By the way, to get to the SmartThings Labs, on your phone go to ‘Apps’ and scroll all the way to the bottom/last section. There it is!

I’m guessing the Wemo in-wall light switch isn’t supported yet? My Wemo Motions and Outlets are all found, but none of the switches.

I had to contact support about some hiccups I had with my WeMo setup, they confirmed the wall switches and insight switches are not supported yet.

Thankfully it should not be that difficult for them to add in the additional support for these WeMo switches. Also I am enjoying the numbers surrounding how many people are using each lab, gives you a better understanding of the user base active on Smartthings!

I am very happy to have WeMo support now, the stock app from Belkin was brutal!

Glad to have WeMo support now. There is no way I am mortgaging a limb to buy a Sonos system, especially using Airplay already, however the ability to play alerts through the system really sounds awesome. Are there any plans to do this with anything else that is cheaper?

The on/off functions of my WeMo Insight are working perfectly with Labs. I guess energy sensing is what they mean when they say the Insight is not yet supported.

Are you going to make the new capabilities created for Hue available for others things as well? Specifically, setting hue and saturation will also be useful for LIFX bulbs and others in the same field. Ideally, I’d like to be able to use the same control screen created for Hue but without the Hue-specific logic tied in.


I think a lot of that is going to depend on Lifx. Right now I don’t believe the api is out for Lifx at all, so there isn’t really an easy way to get communication going. I know someone wrote a program to provide some control between SmartThings and Lifx, but it’s not straight forward. He was basically running a script on his Mac that the SmartThings cloud would communicate to, which would then send commands from the Mac to the Lifx bulbs.

I suspect it’ll be a while yet before anything like full control of Lifx comes about, which is disappointing. If/when the api comes out, if it supports REST commands then doing some basic things like on/off or even perhaps setting a specific color might be do-able, but this would probably also need the Lifx cloud up and running.


I’m working on exactly this kind of project right now. I have some pretty good control over the LIFX bulbs via a local REST API. I’m limited on the SmartThings app by the available interfaces for controlling things. Until the release of Labs/Hue there was no widget for color selection (at least AFAIK). Now that Hue control is out, there is such a widget available. However, it is tightly coupled with the logic for controlling a Hue bulb. I’d like to have just the widget without any of the background Hue-specific logic. Once I have that, I can do the rest myself… Then once LIFX is out with an official API (which they promise is soon) I can update my code to use that and we’re all set.

Ah, okay. Nice… I’ll be eagerly awaiting you efforts then myself.

Have you been able to use SmartThings to turn on/off Lifx at all?

I don’t want to completely hijack this thread, so take a look at this one instead, and we can chat over there:


I could NOT get my WeMo Insight to be detected by SmartThings labs, it only detected by other WeMo Switch.

Did you have to do anything to get it to detect your WeMo Insight Switch?

Morgan, I am SO sorry. I have a number of WeMo devices and got confused as to what was plugged in where. The Insight is still NOT supported in Labs.

I have the WeMo Switch (Plug) and it was recognized fine and the on/off in “things” tends to work ok. If I try to turn it on from the Dashboard it changes the icon to green and says “Turning On” but then it never gets there. I then have to go to Things and turn it off and back on. Mine also lost connection with ST yesterday and I had to go into WeMo Connect and re-select the switch.
It generally works ok, just a few glitches.

The WeMo Switch (Plug) is working fine for me, but I have both the switch and the newer WeMo Insight Switch which monitors power usage and the ST SmartLabs is not able to recognize yet. At least, I haven’t been able to get it to work.

The older WeMo Switch is working for me.


In-wall switches and insight are not working yet.

After getting Labs access and playing around (too much), I now have 3 Sonos (Connect) Apps installed on my phone. I cannot uninstall any of them. I get ‘Error Device still in use by installed SmartApps’ - which is not true because i have deleted the associated app. I also get “Error: Could not delete…”

I want to ‘start from scratch’ and add one Sonos Connect app back in… Any ideas?