Scheduled events early one hour/ daylights saving time


Did anyone else have scheduled events go off one hour early this morning?

Event that was supposed to go off at 6:00 am went off at 5:00.

Search the forum. Lots of threads being generated about this.
DST in US caused numerous issues.
An update to webCoRE has been issued.
Update and you should be OK.
Fingers crossed for you.

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I was wondering if this would happen again this year.

I should have made a betting pool… :horse_racing: :moneybag:

(While I hate DST, it’s not like it hasn’t been around for the entirety of SmartThings’s existence. :confounded:).


A guy I watch on Twitch always says the same thing he wants to run on a 2 item presidential ticket. 1: Regulate the time a quarter buys you at a car wash to a standard (whatever that may be). 2: End DST. Id vote for anyone that has that platform :slight_smile:

But yea all us ‘old timers’ that have been around forever it seems…Every time the time changes we grumble over the same thing. I dont have any automations that I will notice at this point, slept through sun up, now waiting for sundown lol


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Bring back the millennium bug that’s what I say. :wink:
I was working for a telecoms company looking after digital telephone exchanges back then.
The panic was unbelievable.
The overtime was great though. :smile:



After months of testing, the bank I worked at actually had one slip through. I personally discovered it, though, on Jan 2nd. :slight_smile:

But then there were the months of wasted $$$ when DST was expanded under Bush. dumb dumb dumb! But sold more candy for Halloween…

Yup, finding and compiling tz patch for old linux installs I had…took too many hours for such BS to expand DST

Y2K baby! Cobol! Lol

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Please submit a support ticket if you ran into DST issues, would be very helpful to get the following information in the ticket: (Login to IDE, Locations -> Your Location -> List InstalledSmartApps, find it there)

  1. Name of the SmartApp that executed at the wrong time
  2. Expected time of execution
  3. Actual time of execution
  4. Cloud vs. Local execution

Support team can figure these out if you just give the name of the app but it would be help expedite the process if that information was provided.


Sorry but I couldn’t stop myself from commenting.
Will anything be done with the ticket?
I raised one last week.
Still waiting for an acknowledgement let alone an answer.

If you are seeing an issue you should definitely submit a support ticket. We use support ticket to prioritize work and track down issues.

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