SmartThings issues

Recently I have been having a ton of issues with my Smart things hub. It is sometimes slow and wont respond. The presents sensors from my phone say I leave the house when I am still home and groups deleting things in the rooms etc.

I decided it was time to go fresh and delete all the routines, Security, Smart apps, groups and and just start over like it is a brand new hub. I don’t want the hassle of deleting everything and re adding all my devices because I have a ton.

The issue I am having and actually have been having for almost a year now is one of the groups wont delete. I cant get into it it is just jacked up. When I click on it on the Android app I get a error “An Unexpected Error Occurred” And on the developer web page the group is there but when I click on it i get a error “Group not Found”

Any Ideas on what I can do should I just factory default the hub and start from scratch? I really don’t want to do that but will if that will fix my issue.

Contact support and they should be able to help you remove that group for you from their end.

I can sympathize with you with all your problems. I’ve been having similar issues with various devices that when I do fix, the fix often doesn’t stick and I have to do it all over again. This all happened since the 8/15 hub update. I’m beginning not to like these forced updates.

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Well…I contacted Tech Support…

Hi Travis,
Thanks for getting back to me on this.
I was able to locate your account, but unfortunately, I am also unable to remove the listed room. It looks like this is an issue our engineers are working on resolving. I have tagged your ticket to let them know that you are also affected by this. I will follow up with you as soon as I have an update or resolution.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
Best Wises,
SmartThings Support Team

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This is generally related to a bad-state/caching issue in the servers (which need an engineer-level of access to clear). They should should up in the next day or so, but if not - DM me your ticket number and I’ll bump it.