Smartthings is running

Since the latest update i keep getting a random notification on my Galaxy s10 that Smartthings is running ?? Never happened before this update

It appears when using the Smartthings app and is completely pointless

Anyone else noticed this ?

I would just add this to the thread of issue with, apparently its getting worse everyday with all the reports happening everywhere…:man_shrugging:

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Yeah its a good point hopefully @nayelyz can move it

Been trying to replicate the notification, not easy it now appears

At one point it was everytime i used anything in the ST app, now it randomly appears if the ST app is used and minimised, then another app is used

It is the only app i have seen that notifies me it is minimised by way of notification which drops down from top of screen obscuring areas of screen

Whats the actual notification that’s giving you?

Is it from an unrelated routine thats messed up with the app issues?

Someone, I think, mentioned STHM was giving constant notifications

I think I’ve had a toast saying the ST is running in the background, or something like that, and certainly something flicks on and off the bottom of the screen from time to time but I don’t have a snowball’s of reading it.

Hi! Sorry, but I can’t do much for you in this regard. :disappointed: Please report it to Customer Support so the issue gets tracked properly.

I found this info as well:
US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

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No i meant the post Nayelyz not the issue, it was mentioned above to put this issue in with the other thread about issues for this Android update

I will link both posts because I think it’s not convenient to move them, that thread is already big and it’s making it harder to track everything.

However, it’s important to report this issue to the Customer Support Team, this way, it’s easier to follow up.

Thank you @nayelyz

Support request #1368580

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