SmartThings iOS Update 1.6.97 (February 23, 2023)

Available now. Have at it.

so far looks similar to the most recent Android update where they added a Discover menu to the Automations tab.

Any chance they fixed the issue in Routines where the switch action has to be selected in order to see the other actions?

If I understand you correctly, no. Still need to select ‘On’ or ‘Off’ for other options to be available.

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One head scratcher for both the iOS and Android update is they removed the download personal data option :thinking:

Another funny part under the new Explore section. Samsung no longer sells their own hub with z-wave. Yet there’s no mention of this being the Aeotec or Samjin equivalent model and no link to their hubs when you scroll down to the recommended devices section. :man_shrugging:t2:

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When creating a Routine room order now reflects your custom room order when selecting devices for the IF and THEN. I think Rooms were listed alphabetically before now.


Just updated, and this funny thing appeared…

“View details” does nothing… at least “Dismiss” works.

The thing is all my TP-Link | Kasa smart devices are in SmartThings, they’re being controlled with the LAN edge driver, so I had stopped using the other way completely. Speaking of which, is there a LAN edge driver for direct/local control of eWeLink devices. I have LAN enabled on all of them, and I did play with the mDNS driver which did find them all but haven’t worked out what I’m supposed to do to port 8081. (or which of the hex strings are S40 plugs or ‘micro’ plugs…though guessing the eWeLink_100176xxxx instances are one type and the eWeLink_100136xxxx instances are the other type.

Also, the mdnscopy thing doesn’t go far enough. When I was first trying it out, the _ewelink._tcp.local service type was row 29. Now it’s row 30.

Now, it’s bugging me more to add TP-Link… (there was an (N) by the + earlier…)


The control graphic in the top right corner looks nicer/sharper? now…

I guess they don’t want me to wonder just where did the download go anymore.

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