SmartThings iOS update 1.6.75 (December 22, 2021)

New update today……….

So it appears iOS users do not get the update to allow icon changes?

nope. Doesn’t reflect icons set in Android either. :disappointed_relieved:

This update “fixed” multi-button routine assignments. They’re no longer all rolled up under the first button, but now all the actions are unknown :disappointed:

I don’t know why, this just seemed appropriate.

( if you can’t view the image, this is a picture of a child’s homework assignment. When asked to “name the quadrilateral“ for a selection of five different shapes, the child wrote “Bob,“ “Sam,“ etc. I suspect that child grew up to work for Samsung. :wink: )


Perhaps they have got it and it is broken.

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That would be expected.

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This could be great Netflix comedy show. It’s entertaining

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I’m glad to finally see some sarcasm from the group. For the longest time I’ve been feeling like I’m the only one living this joke with Smartthings.


after the update my lamps are just warm white

Opened the app just after I updated yesterday from the Apple Store just fine, but today when I opened the app it rolled me over to Samsung’s login page and touch ID isn’t working on it, and with two-factor-authentication that was a pain having to grab one of my other Android devices to authenticate.

I really want to move my smartphone from Android to iOS, but one of my major holdup’s is the SmartThings experience in iOS that I’m seeing on the iPad, and when I see a lot of users complaining about the geolocation/geofencing issues on their iPhones. I’m beginning to think this is because of Samsung’s Android market.

Update: Another day and another Samsung login page AGAIN today. This iOS experience sucks!

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I’ll just put this here…

For those who can’t see the image, it’s a screenshot of the opening screen of the smartthings app. One tile is highlighted, with the following text:

Still completely confusing. Listening to this tile, you hear:
“atomic off. Button. Action power on. Button.“
You don’t get the room name.
The power toggle has the same name on every tile.
And you just can’t name a toggle “action power on“ and
Expect anyone who’s listening to it to know what to do.
I realize Samsung doesn’t care about these issues or they would’ve done something in the last 18 months,
But it’s still incredibly frustrating.

And, by the way, it always says “action power on” whether the state of the device is on or off. It’s not state information, it’s just the name they gave to that toggle.

Oh, well. At least there are competitors with voice-friendly apps. :thinking:

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: This forum was set up many years ago so customers could help other customers. It is not an official support channel.

Instead, open a ticket with support.


SmartThings Support


SmartThings UK Support

Same situation here as well … login page almost every time when i open my SmartThings app on iOS device….

Another thing I notice is the fact that the “things” are taking a lot longer to load…

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I only got the login page a few days in a row, but then it stopped doing that.

As for device pages loading slowly, it always happens on the first device page I open with the ‘network’ connecting popup appearing for a few seconds, but then subsequent device pages seem to open faster.

Do you have any idea how many “support” tickets I’ve opened over the past decade. No one at ST fixes anything cuz no one cares.