SmartThings iOS app (v 1.6.52) released (October 15, 2020)

new update has arrived

also there is a notice in the app (dated 10/12/2020)…
notice of termination of app update support for iOS 11 or below on November 9, 2020

there we go

@Automated_House did they make “automation > IF time > period of time” more of a mess than previously? I am only able to select either sunset/sunset or sunrise/sunrise for start/end but can not select sunset/sunrise or sunrise/sunset

It’s an iOS 14 bug. Works fine in my iPad running iOS 12.

Question is does it support iOS 14?

but I believe it was working in previous version where I could choose sunset/sunrise, etc. I was testing a few days ago and it did. hold on, still have not updated one iPad, will check

Update: nope same thing so I am wrong, that bug was in previous version

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The sunset/sunset thing didn’t work in previous version for me. I reported it to support two days before iOS 14 went public :confused: Still no change with this version :-1:t2:


LOL @JDRoberts caught my typo in the thread title… thanks!

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When you hear it, it’s pretty obvious. :wink:

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Is it me or do device statuses update instantly, no lag after launching app.

Took a solid 20 seconds here. The speed depends lot on your phone. The more the RAM the faster it works.


May depend more on number of devices and type of devices. I have iPhone 11 w/iOS14 and it is so slow. add status updates still take a long time, ans still are not correct between main view and detail view. Main view seems more broken, I can only hit on/off button once, else stops working and am forced to use detail view.

Was so happy to see update, and the status issues seem just as broken…sigh!

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I wonder if Nov. 9th mentioned above could imply a new app update will be released on or around that date. didn’t @blake.arnold mention a significant version was coming in November with major improvements?


Even though it shows sunset/sunset in that selection, when you go to next step and add IF condition, it shows sunset/sunrise or sunrise/sunset.

Maybe this is why it’s so slow on my old iPhone 6S Plus…But come November, me’s getting the 12 Pro Max!!


Your right, it was a mirage.

What Samsung did was remove the spinning animation so you don’t see that the device states are updating and that’s why it now looks like the device states are updating quickly.

Running fine on both iOS 14.0.1 (released) and iOS 14.2 beta 3 (iPad) for me.

OK, slight edit: “fine” may have been an overstatement. It runs just as well as it did before the update, but I’m still having the usual problems, including a recent one where I seem to be able to add Z-wave devices, but they aren’t showing up in either the app or the IDE. I put this down to backend woes, not the app itself. (The device is a Monoprice Plug In Receptacle using @RBoy ‘s DH, which is working fine on other locations.)

You may also want to check if you can select a “time” in any SmartApp that uses a time input (e.g. for LUM, the user code start/end time, for Thermosat apps, a start/end time etc). That was broken in the version before this when running on iOS 14, it would leave artifacts. @Automated_House

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Good timing - I just updated an Iris keypad to use the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock DH and had to set an expiration date and time using the new app. It appeared to work, but it did leave the time picker artifact on the screen. (iPad OS 14.2 beta)