SmartThings iOS v1.6.57 (December 21, 2020)

new update is out today

Yep. Installed and came here to find out what is new.
App said there are new features and an upgraded menu…

clicking on devices load quickly and all the data is displayed properly. Usually I get the clouds on a few devices when opening them and so far the are displaying properly

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Now if they can just flip the devices button with the SmartThings mall button…

Not for me. Not seeing any improvement.

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Don’t see any new features. No improvements. :expressionless:

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They fixed the bug that was causing graphic generation errors in Smart Lighting when you moved from an automation to the main selection screen.

i’m still seeing the time selection button bug in Smart Lighting :frowning:

Your right, it’s still there. Did you email them?

Indeed, a huge improvement in load time…

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I still only see the ‘fast’ load on the rooms screen. but even then it’s the cached statuses, not actual and it slowly updates to actuals. Opening a device still renders status dog slow. I see no change.

Hm… I think the only thing that improved is that the clouds are gone. The correct status does not update faster for me.

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Update to my earlier post. While devices did load quickly last night, today they are running slower again.

Maybe one of these updates, they will get around to fixing one item that changed many months ago but never got updated on this screen.

Hint: connected services was renamed to linked services

These release notes don’t make any sense compared to the note inside the app. Wtf is “flex IoT life” :joy:

Yeah, it reads like one of those product descriptions on Amazon for Chinese devices that’s obviously created using Google Translate, LOL.


Do I need to report that it still doesn’t work well with voiceover? Or did you guys guess that already. :wink:

At this point (more than two years in) I feel like there must be a QC checklist somewhere with a typo, that says “does not work with voiceover” that they are checking off every time…“Yep, Doesn’t work with voiceover, it’s ready for release.“ :laughing:


They deserve the hammer on that one @JDRoberts. It’s not like they haven’t been told - what, a million times now?


They already killed classic. Their resources are now free. what are they going to blame now?


Hmmm I have been having slowness issues today with the app. I mean… extremely slow. I then discovered it has taken 5gb of storage on my iPad in the past 24 hours. Ugh

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