Smartthings Android app update ( 22 Oct 2023 ) version

A few changes to be seen including font size corrections

Supported devices section has had a makeover

High and low but no internal external ?

Dangerous and too easy to find

STHM now has a stop cooking option if home monitor is armed

Off line diagnostics is as usual, not very diagnostical.


Oh snap!

The 200 limit is now here for this version! I have ~250 devices, and while I have no plans to add more, if I need to replace a failed device, I can’t with this version.

@Nezmo , don’t you have over 200 devices?

Until this release I did not have the 200 limit issue.

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Rooms remain at a stubborn 21

Yes, I do:

I use iOS though and recently, as I noted in the other thread about the 200 limit, trying too add more via an iPad I was getting a message saying I cannot add more than 300. I did not (and still do not) have a problem adding more via an iPhone. With the iPad issue I just checked again and I am no longer getting the message about a 300 limit.


I’ve checked on an iPad and iPhone and no issues with 300+ devices on either. On a Galaxy Tab with 200+ no issues adding devices. But at 300+ I’m getting a warning.

Sounds like at least on the EU versions 300 is the Android limit. But the iOS app isn’t updated yet. So difficult to tell.

I posted in another thread, but this app and limits is driving me crazy.

I forced stopped the app and cleared cache, and now I have no problems adding or readding more devices, but an hour ago I could not add back in a Zigbee switch I had removed earlier in the day because of the 200 device limit message, and definitely not the 300 like you had.


Tried it on Android/SmartThings App (v1.8.09.23) but was unable to add more than 21.

But Good News! I was able to add more rooms using My SmartThings Advanced

Just a note of caution regarding rooms… I added >20 rooms via the web sometime ago and re-located my devices accordingly. All was well in the (Android) app which showed all rooms and allowed population of the new ones…

Then, over a period of a few hours, EVERY device - moved or not - slowly lost room assignment and was placed in the holding ‘no room assigned’ room. I was left with 30 empty rooms, 10 of which were then absented from the (Android) app.

I must emphasise this was a while ago but was in the then new online IDE. Things may be more tolerant now and maybe I was just unlucky but I will not be doing it again in a hurry…

Just had the update. So far I’ve noticed:

  • When you are viewing a location you aren’t the owner of, the top left icon now gives a neat list of devices shared with you rather than taking you directly to the ‘Select devices to use’ page. Although the new page doesn’t seem particularly useful (the list isn’t clickable), it is at least more in keeping with the purpose of the icon: owners get to share; invited members get to see what has been shared with them.
  • The humidity summary tile now gives the min-max humidity range rather than an average, but uses a tilde where an en-dash is normally used in English. It’s not that it isn’t obvious what it means, it is just more of an east Asian convention and it looks really ugly.
  • Unlike @fido, I am not currently seeing a range for temperature, I am seeing an average to two decimal places with trailing zeroes removed. As all the device tiles have a single decimal place this looks a little odd.
  • At least for me, the settings page for the Lights summary tile now shows the same devices as the status page. OK most of my lights still aren’t available but at least I have some control over the few that are.
  • As @fido noted, the options menu on the device details pages now includes a dangerously placed ‘Remove device’, even for hubs. This is an addition to the option available by long-pressing device tiles on the dashboard. I’d like to think that won’t last long.
  • STHM now has a ‘Devices linked to security mode’ page. It has long been the (undocumented) case that when the security mode was changed in STHM any device with the securitySystem capability would have the appropriate arming command called so it could be set to match (and it mostly worked but not 100%). The blurb now sort of acknowledges this (it doesn’t mention the capability) but seems to suggest that it should now work the other way too. I haven’t seen any evidence that it does.

The update notice draws attention to the following:

  • You can apparently scan multiple devices at once when onboarding. They do seem awfully keen on scanning codes. I don’t have a single device that can be scanned.
  • There is apparently a lock screen widget for the location status. I do have a Galaxy that supports lock screen widgets but SmartThings is not one of them.
  • Apparently Away, Home, Good Morning and Good Night manually run routines are now included when you create a new Location. I tried this and yes they are, but note that ‘manually run’ is doing some heavy lifting there.
  • STHM has an option, already noted by @fido, for notifying about or turning off supported cooking appliances when arming into the away mode. It seems it supports ovens, stoves (excluding cooktops) and microwaves. Not having any smart cooking appliances I don’t know why cooktops aren’t included.

Strange this is linked to STHM instead of Location Mode. But I guess the ST team hasn’t been too keen on Location Mode for several years now…

I don’t find it that strange. The Location Mode is largely a relic of the legacy platform and it was only its use in the legacy Routines that gave the default Home, Away, Night values any accepted meaning. It is a very odd thing as although it is used as if it is a single enumerated variable, the values it can take are actually UUIDs for API objects, each of which has a read-only name and a read-write label, and values can be created, deleted, and relabelled at will. It has always struck me as rather over-engineered. It does however continue to be useful and I’ll keep using it until I can create a global variable to replace it.

Using the Security Mode, aka the STHM status, makes more sense as the three values are fixed and well-defined.

Implementing the automation inside STHM also makes sense to me as that is what it is there for. I am glad to see that STHM has been getting a little more attention of late, although it needs a lot more. As well as this, a while back STHM also got the ability to self-arm into Armed (away) mode and self-disarm based on mobile presence devices. OK that’s pretty useless for many of us but the basic idea of STHM ‘owning’ the arming/disarming automations is at least there.

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Seeing this reminded me of the new option to change members to not be full admins. Was going through doing that and after updating my 2 kids to be control only. . . it just booted my wife out of being a member without any interaction from me. Ugh.

Hi @orangebucket … I’m not finding this. How are you navigating to it?

it is a head scratcher that one !!

I get it by using the settings cog in Home Monitor to bring up the ‘Set up Home Monitor’ page and then clicking on ‘Security’. It appears between ‘Set response’ and ‘Useful features’.

However I do have a virtual device installed that has the securitySystem capability so maybe it only appears when it has something to show.

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Definitely not seeing it here, thanks!

Click on useful features


For the temperature range (humidity shows this range as well) it seems to show a range if the difference is more than at least 6.5°F; as this is what I have right at this moment of writing this. I don’t know the humidity range, as my humidity difference is over 25% right now. I’m guessing if the range differs at least 5 units it will show this range, but if lower than 5 units it will show the average of all devices that are capable of showing these values.

Next, I also don’t have the widget available for the lock screen either even though I have all Samsung Galaxy devices and they are all one One UI 5.1 or 5.1.1 with the latest security patch.

Finally, the new manual routines can be deleted if not in use, but you can’t get the templates back if you do want to use them later without having to add a new home and moving all things over or creating the routine yourself from scratch. Due to this if you setup and save one of the routines you can’t just remove the automations that were created during setup without fully losing the routine. I think if they want to keep this feature give us a way to get the templates back. Possible add these templates to the “Discovery” portion of the Routines Tab.

I can’t speak as to the other issues (device limit or security) as I haven’t come close to the limit or have any security devices within SmartThings. I also do agree though that the new hub removal is a little too easy to accidentally hit and lose everything you took ages to setup.

I do not see a range at all (v neither Humidity nor temp.
Can you make a small screenshot?