SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.94 (January 12 2023)

Can someone do Hue Bridge integrate with matter code ?

I’m receiving a error code 05-300:

Maybe that explains why I’ve received multiple complaints that the temperature/humidity values displayed on the dashboard don’t always match the values displayed on the device details screen…

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It has fixed an issue I have had since October and the response time is back to what I had before the last update

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Is anyone else having issues with using iPhone as presence sensor now? Mine isn’t working now since update. Wife’s iPhone still works as she hasn’t updated yet.

Mine is working

Both of ours are working

Hmm. Wonder why mine has suddenly stopped. I’ve always used it without issues until this update.

It appears you can’t delete a device anymore. :thinking: The option is no longer there on the edit screen.

Here mate. Stumbled upon it by accident. I like it.

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You can also tap on the 3 dots in a room and select remove device. On favorites screen, 3 dots, edit favorites.

But the popover still appears for me as noted above in the Room view.

It did disappear when you open a device, tap 3 dots and select Edit. I noticed that a few days ago :slight_smile:

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Another game of “where did they move XYZ feature?”


My smart apps / custom montioring are not working anymore. I’ve reinstalled the app a few times and also rebooted the hub.

When I go to create a smart app at the end it says Something went wrong.

Please try to install the SmartApp again.

Even the ones that were previously created are not running.

Am I the only one?

See the following:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

Smartapp labels have gone all wonky this morning :grimacing:

In previous versions I was able to edit a devices settings with a routine while not affecting its on/off status, but that seems to have changed with this update. In the attached image you’ll notice that all of the devices I adjust the default dimness level, with the exception of Laundry Room Light which I installed yesterday in the new app version. For this device if I deselect the on/off status it won’t allow me to select any settings to change. This is a step backwards, and should be remedied. Does anyone know how we bring this to Samsung’s attention?

You’d have to report it as a bug through an official support channel.

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Do you prefer XYZ over Label? :grimacing:
Maybe they are moving SmartApps under Life tab as no one is expecting them to be there.

Not sure if this was caused by the update or what, but my automations that use “When any condition below is met” appear to have changed to “When all conditions below are met”. I will go through them all today too check, has anyone else had this occur?

01/18/2023 update probably a false alarm, I only found two that were changed and one of them I will put it down to me mot paying attention, and I vaguely remember changing it a while ago.

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When adding new devices it now places them in the same room as the hub, but if you select ‘Your Home’
there is a room called ‘No room assigned’ but you cannot select it.