SmartThings iOS 1.6.35 (July 25, 2019)

New release for the iOS app

I noticed this version added Humidity to the SmartWeather Station Tile. Sure wish we could change it to Temp. (hint, hint)

In the home page, the name of the devices is displayed only on one line. Before, I could see the full name …Exemple, I have to go in the groups to see wich « Multipurpose Sensor » is triggered or re-edit many devices names.


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Maybe one day they will get around to renaming Smart Home Monitor in the Automations section to SmartThings Home Monitor. :slight_smile:


It is for me

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You are in the Add Automation section. Go to the three bars in the upper left and choose Automations

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ah, yes. Still SHM there :slight_smile:

Still no landscape support for iPad. Am I the only rebel who uses an iPad with a keyboard?

In my case, the iPad is in a mount on my wheelchair. I use voice to control it, but it’s always in landscape. :sunglasses:


After this update lots of my devices like FAN control GE, ZOOZ27 dimmer etc … do not work. Getting network errors etc … Also if the switch works doesn’t update state on the home screen only you can see it if you go inside the device like dimmer
Classic app works fine
Any recommendation
iPhone XS Max

could be related to this:

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You were right, now after they resolve the issues all my devices work just fine :slight_smile:


And… some pages are better, but it still doesn’t work with voiceover, and you still can get stuck on a screen you can’t get off of. :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t know what this black square is, but it’s what has focus on the screen and you can’t do anything after that

and if you get to this screen, you can’t get to the selection fields

Still no support for the official Rachio devices. At least mine still don’t work. I get “Can’t connect to device.”

After applying this update to iphone XR, can’t seems to rename devices on network that are connected to the Samsung Connect Home.

I replied to your newer post with the same question .

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