SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.95 (January 27, 2023)

new iOS app update released today

So what stopped working this time?


Previous version would not load History, and this version the same problem.

for myself:
Menu > History loads but takes a long minute
Device > History shows but I had to open a few before the logs appeared

Not touching it.

True - now loads, after a minute or so…although my Android tablet loads in about 5s. No other problems detected so far.

Historical issue. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.

The version prior to this is working so well for me finally, that I’m afraid to install the latest one.

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Scrolling back up history on iPad still broken.

Works fine for me

iPad or iPhone?

hit or miss on the iPad for me. if you scroll down far enough it stops allowing the ability to scroll up but more random than the previous version.

Both. History goes back to Wednesday 19.00 on the iPad and 17.00 on the iPhone. I can scroll back up on both.

can scroll up/down fine through history with my ipad via touch screen and magic keyboard trackpad…

The smart lighting app lost its name in the app and now showing as Label

I think that started independently of this app update.