iOS app update (February 9, 2020) - v1.6.43

new update …

only difference I notice is the Add Device > By Brand page has changed a bit. Who would have thought Samsung and SmartThings would be the featured brands :sunglasses:

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Filters appear to be useless on the device pages

It works well on Android. You need to select first what you want to display, like only temperature and then you can use the filter for a range.

My thermostat shows the heating correctly in F but the cooling which is off shows as 0 C. Not sure if it is a bug with app or DTH

451MB??? What are they doing?

Many of the new icons on the Automations list are missing.

Never mind: found one of the quick controls was listed in the top portion and removed it and all the icons appeared. Very strange!

No Dark Mode love like the Android update :frowning: Otherwise, most of the updates look the same as Android. I really like the new History tab and filters. I wonder what they will use the “Featured Brands” for on the add device page? Will it ever expand beyond Samsung brands?

Probably if you pay enough to be a partner. Like a company with a WASH product and other devices.

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yeah, my thought was WASH and WWST devices would eventually end up there. And CST device stay in the other section. We shall see!

Isn’t then Sonos should be already there?

Lots of brands should already be there. Maybe they need to update the back end that builds the list? who knows! Time will tell.

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Where did the supported devices page move to?

When you go to add a device now… it shows if the device is available in the United States or available in Other Countries

Also looks like they resolved the bug @jdroberts found with the wrong product name listed on the page when adding a device


They removed the History icon that was on the top of the screen in SmartThings Home Monitor and moved the link to the bottom of the page.

I’m guessing they Got rid of it since the menu from the Add Device Lage was the Same. I think they added the supported devices link under each brand now, too.

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They moved them to the Add Devices section. When you click on a brand and choose any of the available options, there is a Supported Devices section available. Note: this is not seen on all brands > device selections

haha what @prjct92eh2 said above. what I didn’t read

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I did notice some Dark Mode love in the widget background.

Good catch!

Not sure what happened, but the iOS version of the app which just dropped is no longer voice navigable. It’s clear that no one tested this. The navigation just jumps all over the page randomly, it closes the dialog boxes randomly, it has incorrect instruction labels randomly… I can’t even turn things on and off anymore. And there’s still no way to enter a time although now you can see some of the options. Just can’t activate any of them.

Worse, you may activate when you didn’t want to, like you’re trying to say at 4 PM and it just randomly sets 11 PM. A person who was blind would have no idea that that had even happened. A person who is not blind but has no use of their hands could see the problem, but could not correct it. :scream:

The black boxes in the following screenshots show which part of the screen has focus. That is, which field will be activated when you select.

And if you’re asking yourself, “what field is that?”, exactly.

Also, the spoken label for the “then“ field is the same as the spoken label for the “if” field so a person who was blind would never find the “then.“

Seriously, there’s stuff like this throughout the app. There’s no way this was ever tested by someone in a blindfold.

At this point the app is unusable again. :disappointed_relieved:



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