iOS 1.6.19 update

iOS 1.16.19 was released on 11/21/18. Somebody must have forgot to tell the devs, because I can’t find any of the new features

I did notice there is now a section at the bottom of the add devices page for unsupported devices. Right now it’s only lifx.

Also noticed there is a new fan icon if your using the zwave fan device handler

What have you seen @jkp

My device lists are opening 10 times faster than they ever did. No longer is it change a page and wait, I can scroll thru and the checking status is faster as well!

In a video of one of the Smartthings talks at SDC, about the new ST Schema method of cloud-to-cloud integrations, they said that a new app update supporting it would be out in “a few weeks”.

I cannot add devices- wants a hub first. But I cannot add a hub. Entering the ‘welcome code’ yields another error that hub belongs to another act. Any help is appreciated.

Contact support

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