SmartThings, instable ... again

I was trying to program on a SmartApp but wasn’t getting any logging data from my app or any other’s. Then this alert came across… sigh.

To check the latest reported status, go here:

I feel another daylight saving time meltdown coming :grinning:

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Just got the all-clear… And my logging is working again. That was fast.

My motion sensors are still down but everything else is up.

I’ve got motion sensors out and also multi sensors. Anyone else seeing the same symptoms? I’ve tried a zigbee rebuild, replaced batteries in the sensors and reset them.

I’m guessing, since nothing fixed it, that its platform issue.

And as usual, there is absolutely no indication as to WHAT the cause of the instability is so that efforts can be made in future to avoid it… Although, having said this, the number of messages I have received and seen on this forum about how steps are being taken to address issue X / Y / Z, spectacular failures occur regular enough to be fresh in one’s mind instead of “can’t remember the last time this happened!”

And yes, even issues that affect platform stability for about 1.5 hours like last night’s DO have a major impact. While Core is stable & pretty much rock solid, even that cannot account for checking something when the platform instability delays the answer to the check by minutes or completely missed it. Even my rock solid “trust & verify” pistons fail in these circumstances. One can only wish ST is as rock solid as Core!

My case last night:

  • Arrival sensors (phone ST, IFTTT [phone geo] and L360) delayed by 2 minutes before they finally checked in (Droid+iPhone); L260 online logs DO show proper detection minutes before ST recognised & updated
  • ST presences sensors in the car recognized before personal devices above, so routines & pistons were in fact run, however…
  • Failures all over the show because said routines & pistons results were not being updated in the ST “system”, ie. car presence detected but “somebody home” delays by 2 minutes, resulting in ST alarm and PHYSICAL being triggered. Water shutoff still close - nobody home “yet” because of delays. In other words, things that I have vetted as stable, and more importantly, reliable, in my ST world failing. So yes, small things in the ST cloud have huge local impact.

Just saying, coz some people are of the opinion that one shouldn’t complain for what is essentially a free system.