Platform Issues with Upgrades I'm guessing?

(Brian) #1

After a long period of greater than 90% reliability, I’ve just run into some problems.

Sent this to support just now:

3 of 4 presence sensors are not working, and my house is in a mode for no identifiable reason that it shouldn’t be, with no evidence that it should have changed to that mode at all. Basically nothing in presence correlates right now in my system.

Anyone else experiencing presence and mode problems just in the last day or two?

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #2

I’ve had sunrise / sunset hello home issues which as you know translates to mode issues since the platform update.

(Brian Steere) #3

I’ve seen a few other reports of devices not working as expected (or at all). I’ve been asking people to email Hopefully we’ll be able to narrow down the issue and get a fix out quickly.

(John Essey) #4

Emailed support. Lot of issues right now with devices not showing states, or responding and automations aren’t working.


I’m having issues with motion sensors. SmartThings had a pretty good streak of reliability before yesterday.

(Travis Muszynski) #6

Allison, I’m having the same issue. I had to re-add all my motion sensor to get them to work properly. It was a pain.

Also, I have lights that will turn on, and then not turn off. I didn’t re add one of my motion sensors and it is showing permanent motion.

(Bobby) #7

If that’s the solution, then I hope they’ll ship the pre-orders soon. I just don’t feel like spending time to redo everything in v1, only so I can do it all over again when v2 arrives. Thankfully we didn’t forget how to manually switch a light!

(Harrison) #8

Same here. Before yesterday it was smooth sailing. It was setup and forget about it for months for me, which I really enjoy. Granted I have 60+ connected devices and it took me a looooong time to get them all working properly, lots of trail and error.

As of this morning all things went down south. Motion sensors quit working expect two (I got 10 ), Contact sensors quit working all of them. Scheduled events does’t fire. Wrong state of switches. But most importantly, the hub has been connect and disconnect intermediately. As of right now it is showing disconnected.

This make me feel like day 1 with smartthings (early adopter). It is disappointing to say the least. I was looking forward for labor day weekend outing with my family. But I now I have to worry about this. Would gen 2 be that much better? I found gen 1 as security to be only 80% reliable which is low. Automation wise it is great.

Please fix it!!! Please.

(Josh) #9

Yeah, I am having some issues with the new app. My button controller setup for my minimote stopped working. The app shows improper device states, and its even showing devices twice in the Things section. I am waiting for my new hub to get here before I start taking stuff off and re-adding it.

(Brian Steere) #10

We just updated the status page (

(Mike Ketterman) #12

How about I just say ditto, you pretty much explained my situation exactly. My front door says it’s open it’s closed, motion sensors not turning on the hall light, last reading from it was 2:30 yesterday, back door sensor hasn’t works since yesterday morning. I’m out of town on business, my less patient spouse is dealing with fans that won’t turn off and another annoyances.

(Brian) #13

I expected some issues on this upgrade based on past experiences, so I’m not surprised, just checking and reporting…

I’m patient, I like the new app, not perfect, but I can see the direction and I like it.

(jason) #14

45 devices. Maybe ten are working now. Modes not controlling things. Motion sensors not working. Smart rules not working. IFTTT not working. Basically useless for me now. I didn’t pre order V2 because I didn’t want to deal with this. Now it looks like I’m having to deal with it anyway. Not very happy at this point. Now whenever things get back running I’m gonna have to get V1 back up to speed and then redo it all over again for V2. I can deal with it but wow the wife is unhappy.

Short version…please fix me

(Ron S) #15

It shows a major outage going on right now and some of us users have lost connectivity to the hub altogether.


None of my wall switches will turn off or return the correct present state (as of this morning).

Yeah. Some of these issues were to be expected, I guess.

How fast they fix them is where I will judge them.

(Bobby) #17

Sounds like a great time to upgrade to v2!

(Peter W) #18

Same here. Everything was going good until about 3am this morning. Have emailed support.

(Megan) #19

same here. I can turn things on, but then the status goes back to off. Have to manually turn stuff off. Temps not updating
Sent email to support

(Mark Hochstein) #20

Seven of my eight motion sensors quit registering yesterday along with the majority of my door sensors. Interestingly my front door lock and garage door opener have continued to function. I can turn on all the lights and switched through the app, but none respond to the motion sensors. I email support yesterday with a full activity log but haven’t heard anything back. I hesitate to start excluding and re-including all the sensors because 1) it’s a PIA and 2) it may screw up more things than it helps depending what the issue is.


I stayed up late excluding and re-adding all of my motion sensors. The ones that hadn’t stopped working when I went to bed stopped this morning.