Smart Things motion sensors unavailable

(Erin) #1

Eighty percent of my ST motion sensors are unavailable and will not alert motion, this just happened two days ago, some come back and others become unavailable. I sent a ticket to smart things no response. Anyone having these issues. This use to be a stable platform.

(Morgan) #2

LOL… When was it a stable platform?? It never has been for me.

(Tony Fleisher) #3

Have you tried replacing the batteries?

(Erin) #4

Yes ive replaced batteries, i have not removed and try to add them back thats my last option. Last time i had this happen i sent a ticket and Smart things said there were having issues and it resolved its self. This time its been a week and they have not responded.

(Allan) #5

I have the same problem with one of mine a couple months ago. See this post. Arrival Sensor not updating battery level and try it. I had to do the same thing for one of mine.

(Jimmy) #6

How is your zigbee mesh? You don’t have to remove. Just reset and re-add.