SmartThings In stock at Samsung UK

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Good news, but still no stock at Amazon

In stock, but try as I might, I can’t make a purchase - every time I click on the button to “Proceed to Payment” I am just greeted with a spinning circle.

I’ve tried several times now over 3 days with different browsers and different devices, but it seems Samsung don’t want to take my money!

Same here, the proceed to payment button does not work.

I had an issue as I did my order from work using chrome - I thought it was our IT system.

I ordered via Internet Explorer and everything worked :smile:

My delivery is due tomorrow :slight_smile:

So far I have tried chrome, vivaldi, firefox, Edge and the proceed to payment does nothing, just tried IE and the add to basket button does not work.

Similar story for me. IE just gives an internal server error, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari give me a spinning circle.

I guess the stock will last a long time.

You really have to question how such a huge IT centric company can get it so wrong.