Samsung dosen't wish to do business with Canadians

The web site said that the ship to Canada but apparently they do not.

You will not find any store with smart thing products.

Maybe it’s a blessing?

Even the support staff could find out why they couldn’t ship to me.

I will be buying anything but Samsung

SmartThings has a lot of Canadian customers :maple_leaf:, including the developer of SmartTiles.

Perhaps you’ve just reached a misinformed Support agent, which isn’t uncommon, unfortunately.


There is a forum thread for Canadian users. There are quite a few including some of the most active forum members overall. :sunglasses:

I’m not sure what problem you ran into – – there was some supply chain issue a few weeks ago where a lot of the regular suppliers were out of stock, including the Samsung site. So I wonder if that’s what affected you. But it seems to be back in stock now.

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That has been my motto since first buying one of their flagship TV’s.

Canadian here and my entire house runs on smartthings. I haven’t had any issues with getting things either.


In Ontario here and just placed another order last week. Never had any issues.

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I’m a Canadian (in Calgary) … and am a happy SmartThings user for about a month.

I did have major problems making my first purchase, though. I went through the purchase process on SmartThings web-site, went to check out, and … lo and behold … repeated credit card errors, even after attempting to use two different cards.

I contacted ST user support, and spent about an hour online with them. They said their shopping site system has repeated problems with some Canadian credit cards. (They told me to talk to my bank about fixing the problem, even though the problem is with their site and absolutely nothing to do with my credit cards.) I offered to try to complete the purchase in any other way I could think of. They replied that if their finicky website wouldn’t accept my perfectly good credit card, they had no other way to sell to me. Arrgghh.

As a last ditch effort, I tried credit card number three from my wallet. Last try, before giving up entirely. Surprisingly, that card worked!

I purchased my SmartThings gear through both their web-site and (not .ca). The prices on Amazon’s US site actually worked out to better deal than on .ca.

For those items that I bought through, it was a painfully long wait for them to come. While they shipped the product out quickly, it took weeks to actually arrive here. That’s because of how they ship out to Canada – very slow, plus poor customs clearance process (resulting in lengthy delays in a customs mail warehouse). It doesn’t need to work that way, as most US shippers have figured out Canada much better. (Meanwhile, my two orders of SmartThings arrived on my doorstep at lightening speed, even though I chose standard shipping!)

SmartThings does sell to Canada … just not all that well (yet). They may have that little “We ship to Canada” beside the maple leaf icon on every single product page on their site … but they need to fix their credit card system and shipping logistics.

To the OP: if you have other credit cards, just keep trying them until you find one that their system will accept. Good luck!


I am in Toronto and using smartthings since a year with no problem :slight_smile:


SmartThings is incredible slow shipping to US addresses also; so it’s not just Canada. My last order from ST took 3 weeks to arrive. I think they ship by the slowest method possible to keep costs down.

The standard shipping time is 5-7 business days (US and CA). Backordered inventory might have caused the delay you experienced. In cases like this, the Shop/Support system or staff should let you know. Three weeks is not the norm, and if anyone has a delay like this - I recommend contacting for an update (and if you are in a cool city, at that point I’ll strongly considering hand delivering it)