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Smartthings IDE Web Page Logging me out

(Stephan) #1

Anyone else have an issue with the smartthings api/ide(whatever its called) page constantly logging them out? Everything I try to do, publish code, save code, make changes, even just swap pages, it logs me out. I log back in an run through it all again, only to have it log me out.

IDE constantly asking for user name and password
(Bruce) #2

If you have SmartTiles running in the same browser, or any other oAuth app, that will do it.

(David) #3

I had this problem with Chrome after having 30+ tabs loaded across 5 instances of Chrome. It only happened a few times, but it did happen.

I found the solution to be either close all instances of Chrome and start over or bring up the IDE in Internet Exploder (sic).

Of course a reboot would also do the trick. :facepunch:

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #4

I sure hope this was my issue.