Cannot log onto IDE

I have been having a problem logging into the IDE for the last day. I can log in and go to “My Locations,” but if I then click on a location or go directly to “My Hubs,” the IDE brings me back to the log on screen.It is doing this consistently. Are others having similar problems, and has someone found a way to correct it?

Do you happen to also be using smarttiles on this computer?

you may want to try a different browser/clearing browser cache/ changing devices. If you are having the same issue after browser/device change/cleanup support will be able to help.

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Thanks guys! It was the result of having Smart Tiles open on another tab. As soon as I closed it all was well. Easy pleasy!


Yup… SmartThings shares cookies or some sort of session information in the browser with other authorized connections, so they kick each other out.

The simple solution is to use “Incognito / Private Browsing” mode for SmartTiles and/or another browser, or possibly a second “profile” of your browser.