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IDE constantly asking for user name and password

(Nathan Davis) #1

No matter what I do in IDE it keeps asking for user name and password. Nothing applies successfully because it keeps doing that. I’ve already cleared my browser cache, but it didn’t help. Anyone else ever experienced this? How do I fix it?


I don’t know if this is a new problem, but there’s an existing issue where if you have two tabs in the same browser which each require a login to SmartThings, such as having smart tiles open in one tab and the IDE in another, or having two tabs with the IDE, then it will keep logging you out.


sounds like you have a smart tiles tab open :wink:

(Eric) #4

I’ve been getting the same thing for the last couple hours. Figured it was just me at the time.

(Nathan Davis) #5

Thank you! I had the CoRE API open in one tab. Such a strange issue.

(Eric) #6

Ha! I had a hidden window open…

(Chris) #7

You can run both IDE and CoRE dashboard at the same time, just open CoRE dashboard in Incognito mode instead of a normal window.