SmartThings Hub V3 Won't register

yesterday I received my SmartThings hub I ordered off of Amazon and I could not seem to get it to register last night.
Spent a while playing with it, tried all the fixes I found online. Reboot of everything in the chain (phone, hub, router, modem) and also a factory reset of the hub itselt. Every time still once it gets to the registration portion of the setup it says it is unable to register. I can see the hub on my network after the WiFi ports over, but it doesn’t seem to be able to reach a registration server or something?
I emailed support and so far they’ve given me all the same advice. I will be emailing them back tonight when I get home from work to see if there is anything else I could do, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone had any insight?

I’ve seen a couple people with similar problems, but the answers after they got it working were pretty limited.

Anyone have any input?
For the record, running the latest version of SmartThings App on a Galaxy S9, SmartThings HubV3, Netgear XR500 Router.

Thanks for any help!


I did manage to get it to work. A few more resets and a 24hr cool down (more for myself haha) and it registered right off the bat.
Now I can start digging into everything and learning.