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Can't register Smartthings Hub over Wifi

(Lee Arnold) #1

ST m# IM6001-V3P01

I have factory reset the unit, and I have closed and reopened the app. Even restarted my phone. The router sees the Hub and it’s allowed access. Can ping it. It won’t register. I tried using cellular data instead and took off any wifi. Looking for last ditch help or it’s going back to the store.

(jkp) #2

what is the color of the led light on the hub? and you are using the SmartThings app and not the SmartThings Classic app?

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(Lee Arnold) #3

Still flashing red and green

(jkp) #4

flashing red/green is a good sign…

try reading this support page to see if it helps…

but @Brad_ST will get you up and running :slight_smile:

(Brad) #5

Sorry to hear about the rough first introduction!

When you scan the code does the app return an error?

(Lee Arnold) #6

flashing, but it still says Couldn’t register hub no matter how many times I retry.

(Lee Arnold) #7

No error, let’s me continue the setup

(Brad) #8

@Flynn I think there may be an issue on our end. I will keep you posted but would recommend taking a break while we investigate.

(Brad) #9

There are no known workarounds at this time.

(Tom Bruno) #10

I’m not sure this is related, but I’m experiencing an outage of my SmartThings Wifi mesh network which is also serving as my SmartThings Hub.

Around the same time last night that Samsung reported an outage affecting their 2018 hubs, my mesh with 7 satellites went out. It’s flashing red. My wifi mesh serves as my SmartThings hub, so my entire house (with 220+ devices and 8 ActionTiles panels) is down and I have no wifi.

Any clues or recommendations are appreciated.

(Brad) #11

This issue was limited only to Hub v3 hardware.

Are you back online or still having issues with your ST Wifi?

(Lee Arnold) #12

back online

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