SmartThings V3 hub won't set up in the app

Hi, I have a V3 hub which has been working fine for years. However, I decided to factory reset the hub to set up from fresh. Problem is it will not connect to any WiFi or ethernet network. I’ve factory reset this hub over 10 times now, flashes blue, then turns magenta, finally starts flashing red/green which indicates it’s ready to set up. But no matter how I try, different Samsung accounts, different WiFi/ethernet networks. It will not connect to a network. SmartThings app sees it, scans QR then let’s me select a WiFi network which suggests the hub is actually seeing them, then after a couple of minutes I get error 33-503 or 33-502

If I try to then redo the whole set-up the app tries to load WiFi networks but just gets stuck on ‘please wait’.

I’m really starting to think it’s bricked? Hopefully nothing to do with the latest Matter enabled firmware that was pushed?

Any help? Or is this bricked?

iOS or Android?

also, contact ST support directly to report the issue.

the following also applies to the ST v3 hub:

Android 13