Smartthings Hub V3 freezes when downloading updates on wifi


I am having trouble connecting my hub v3 via wifi. Either is unable to register the device or is unable to download the updates. My phone is 10 cm away from the hub. and the hub is 50 cm away from the router.

Can someone help me?

Hey there!

Thank you so much for reaching out for assistance with your V3 Hub.

I would like to get a bit more information.

What is the LED indicator light displaying? Flashing Green/Red would be ready to be claimed, Solid/Flashing Margenta would be for the downloading/applying firmware updates as they become available and is not recommend to unplug during firmware updates.

Here is a troubleshooting article for what the LED indicators mean to assist you further:

You also mentioned that you have your phone within a standard operating distance of the hub, is the hub positioned near the router as well?

I hope this message finds you well!



I was able to get it working finally via wireless. Nevertheless, every day, it loses connection. I find it very frustrating. I have other stuff working wireless, and by the way, much cheaper, and doesn’t face such connections issues.

Anyway, I decided to reconfigure one of my routers as a wifi extender and make a wired connection with the hub at a more central location of my house.