Smartthings Hub V3 - difference between UK (EU) and DE (German) version

Hello everyone,

I want to buy a Smartthings hub for usage in the Netherlands. For a while, there is an European version for sale in the UK with product number GP-U999SJVLGEA.

But since recently, there is also a version for sale in Germany with the product number GP-U999SJVLGSB.

I know the differences between the US an UK version has to do with different Z-wave frequencies, as states in another topic: Samsung SmartThing UK vs US version
But since both Germany and UK are within Europe, they use the same Z-wave frequencies.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two, because after scrolling half a morning online, can’t find the difference between the two.

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I am also interested. Following.

differnt plug!

so besides the plug, i guess the hw is the same, right?

dont know if anything else

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Same dilemma here as well.

My thoughts are that maybe if you buy the German version you would need to create a German SmartThings app account, just as you need to do for the UK version in order to make it work in nonsupported EU countries. Only issue here being that the app would most likely be in German language instead of English, and no this cannot be changed in the app preferences.

Another thing to consider would be the brexit and how this could possibly limit cloud access to EU users…

Did you buy any of the two yet? and if you did choose the German version, did you encounter the language issue?

App language only depends on the language settings of your mobile phone.

I went for a Hubitat instead.

I have the same question. in the SB model costs € 90 but the EA model costs € 239

@Dashinuke @Jakob_hallotech
As far as I can see these two part numbers are the same Smartthings v3 hub but as sold in respectively UK and Germany.



As you can see the prices listed on these Samsung pages are effectively the same allowing for currency differences. Therefore it looks like one of the Amazon listings you viewed is trying to rip you off.

I would expect you would have to use the same API portal as the UK which is as follows.

Can these hub versions be used to create a mesh wifi?

@oheimala, That is a different product, not the v3 Hub.

Yes, I would like to know if there is already mesh wifi hub variant also for Europe too?

It looks like yes and no. Read the comments and you will might change your mind about the idea.