SmartThings Hub v3 blocked to solide red

Hi all,
In order to factory reset the hub (IM6001-V3P02), I’ve unplugged the power cable from the back, using a pin, hold down the RESET button while reinserting the power cable, and until the LED on the front switches from flashing yellow (flashing very fast, maybe 100ms) to solid yellow.
After releasing the reset button (immediatly after beeing solid), led is OFF for about 3 sec and then blinks blue 3 times before going to solid purple for about 30 sec before moving to solid red. After power OFF and ON, led is still solid red for days. Network connection as been verified. Leds form ethernet connectors are OFF. I used the ethernet cable of my set-top-box which for fine. Same result EThernet led of the hub are still off.
Because I’ve repeated the operations multiple times for more than 1 month, but Hub is still unavailable.
Thanks for your help

when it changes to magenta (purple) it is pulling down (downloading) the latest firmware. eventually it should settle on blue/green and you should be able to add it to the app. it you wait to long you might have to reset it again. now if it was on magenta (purple) and you unplugged it you might have interrupted the firmware update and bricked it. you might try emailing the help desk.

Many thanks for your reply