Hub not entering setup mode after reset, please help

I have reset my V3 Hub but it never has red/green flashing lights. I’ve tried wifi connection, wired connection, off for a while, reset several times and it never flashes red/green. I get solid red a while, solid green a while, but never red/green. Please help.

Hey there! @RobsLodge, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having issues with getting your v3 Hub reset

Only to confirm the steps you took during reset, Can you verify that you unplugged and re-plugged the hub in while holding down the reset button with a pin until the light begins to flash yellow?

When the light changes to a solid yellow you can release the reset button, Which will take about 30 seconds. If you don’t release the reset button within a few seconds of the light turning solid yellow, the hub may not reset and could be causing your symptom, I’d try resetting once more to see if you’re hub becomes ready to be claimed(flashing red/green).

If the symptom persists, I would recommend creating a Support ticket so we can look into your concerns further. You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!


Thank you for your response and help. Yes, I did follow those steps, several times. The result always the same, never having a blinking red/green light. I will create a support ticket now.

Thank you.