Hub V3 hard (factory) reset

Hi all.

I have a Smartthings hub V3 that does not appear to power on or respond in any way, there is no visible LED indicator light and the factory reset process does not appear to work. I recently moved house and plugged everything in including the ST hub to Ethernet to the same modem, WiFi network and password has not changed.

I held the reset button down while powering on the hub, and waited for the yellow light but the LED does not illuminate at all. I held the reset button down for a minute before giving up. I left the hub unpowered all day before trying again.

The only thing I notice after having the hub powered on is that it gets slightly warm on the top right of the device, just above the Smartthings logo.

Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully it hasn’t become a paperweight.

If there are no lights (either led on front of hub or on the Ethernet port) and the hub gets slightly warm then it appears the hub has MIGHT have kicked the bucket and gone to it’s final resting place. Any chance you used the wrong power cable after the move?

remove the power and Ethernet cables, check that the power cable is the correct one… if it is, plug it into a different power outlet, plug it in the hub without the Ethernet cable… doubt it will have any effect but worth a try.

… call Support.

Also put a meter on the power adapter, to check voltage, to make sure it’s not bad.