SmartThings Hub V2 won't turn on

I bought a 2015 SmartThings hub V2 years ago. I had it running for a short period of time and then shelved it (no batteries installed). The spectre of redoing all my automations from scratch dissuaded me from pursuing it any further. So I am still currently running on V1.

When I read the recent stories that ST going to remove support for V1 in the future, I dusted off the hub and plugged it in, just to see if it shows up in my app (I still had the location). However, it seems to be completely dead. Some searching showed that there is a common issue with a voltage regulator, or some such component, causing issues. However, that does not seem to be my problem.

I took the device apart and measured all the voltage test points on the circuit board, and they all seem to be within a few millivolts of what is printed on the circuit board. But no LED and no lights when I plug in a network cable. I’ve tried it with and without batteries.

Anything I can try before binning the device?


I’ve been leaving the device on for a bit and I am convinced it can be kicked back to life. Any possibility to format a USB stick to do a firmware update via USB?